Sarcopenia is the loss of muscle mass and strength, increasing your risk of a fall1,2,3.Affecting 34% of people over 65 years, ask your doctor about a grip test for diagnosis.1.

Fortunately, you can treat and prevent this disease with a high protein intake and exercise.1,4,5,6.

The importance of protein and exercise in active ageing.

Professor Andrea Maier, world class expert in Ageing and Sarcopenia reminds us all of the importance of a high protein diet and exercise as we age, to protect our mobility and independence. Click here to hear what she had to say during her special guest segment on The Café in New Zealand, 2017.

Fortisip® provides you with the energy, protein and nutrition your muscles need to maintain mobility and strength.
If you aren’t sure you are eating sufficient protein, or may be at risk of Sarcopenia, then ask your HCP if Fortisip® is right for you.

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